Four Tet Collaboration with Anna Liber Lewis

I’ve been thinking this for years – musicians need to collaborate with artists more often. Not just for music videos, but for stuff to get people to watch.

I’ve heard of Four Tet, but never gave them much of a listen. I think I found this video from a Twitter. The color caught me, the imagery. So I gave it a shot.

Like, in 2020 you’re just looking for a shot. As an artist, a band, a musician, a writer, whatever.

Appearance and branding and presentation really does matter. I don’t care how technically proficient you are, if your album art is sitting next to another release with better looking art, you lose.

Like, this is science. This is biology. Shiny objects get noticed.

So I left this video open for like 2+ hours the other day while working. Another hour today, and I’ll probably revisit a few more times.

And you know which artist I looked up today on Spotify?

Four Tet.