Creating The Holidays

Christmas was always my favorite – the sights, sounds, smells.

What I realize now is there’s so much nostalgia, and seeing now how so much of that was crafted for me.

My parents bought the tree, played the Christmas music, bought the presents (SPOILER), put up the lights.

Young Seth was just along for the ride.

Even a few years back, when living in NYC, driving home for the holidays was something I went into knowing that mom would have candy dishes filled with Christmas candy, and lights would be up, and there’d be a big tree.

I walked into those settings, like the perfect movie set, every year.

Unless I craft them for myself, they don’t happen now, which is sort of a metaphor for life.

Don’t hang around all the athletic friends I did like in my high school days, which means I don’t do as many athletic things. I gotta start them… on my own.

Don’t hang around all the musician friends like I used to, so I’m not operating on the same wavelength anymore, feeling motivated to keep up with my peers and keep crafting. I have to start that each day on my own.

These days I gotta put up my own Christmas lights, buy some holiday-scented candles, put on some Christmas music.

Nostalgia is a wild thing. I don’t want to let go of those memories, and it’s impossible to know if currently, in 2020, I’m doing anything worth remembering in 10 years, but I if do nothing, the answer is pretty evident.