Another Lesson from 18 Miles

Had a great call with a friend earlier this week, and they asked “how do you run 18 miles?”

And like, sure, one mile at a time sounds cool, but that’s a lot of time to fill every mile.

I keep thinking of how my head would start doing math when I’d hit a certain distance.

“Okay, so I have three miles to go. Well, my fastest three miles was 25 minutes, so this should take me just…”

For me this wrecked my moral. It was always looking into the future, trying to plan, make way for the future discomfort that wasn’t even here yet.

So I had to fight to stay present. I sang a little song to myself (“use your butt, chest up”). I looked all around me for features that I may have missed. Every now and again I would pass a sign for a PLANET WALK, so I would make up little songs for the planets.

I chose to laugh, which made me smile.

This lesson has bled into my work now, too. So much of my work anxiety is looking ahead to what needs to get done while I’m working on something in the present. My mind is elsewhere, which means the present tasks takes even longer.

Stay in the moment, build my reports.

Stay in the moment, run a solid mile.

Good lesson to learn being as next month I’m going to run 26.6 miles.