18 Miles

It’s been a struggle of late to find space to run bigger mileage without having to resort to all rails-to-trails, or taking my chances on public roads with lots of cars. Finally found the Little Lehigh Park Path, a mix of gravel and pavement, mostly flat, and the best part – it’s a solid six mile loop, similar to the Queens Marathon I’ll be doing.

The ground was mush in a lot of parts, and muddy in others. Not ideal, but it worked. The nice part about this park is that there’s lot of interesting features (like this covered bridge above, or this mystical whatever thing below) to look forward to, which breaks up the monotony.

I stopped at my car twice to refill bottles, and get food which ate while on the trail. My pace was slow (11:30ish), but I know this isn’t a dress rehearsal for the marathon – it’s today’s training, which was to run 18 miles, and so today was a good day.

Pictures look a little different? Yeah, I picked up a GoPro Hero 8, and I have no idea what I’m doing with it yet. Pretty sure I could have gotten better photos with the iPhone, but I didn’t pull out my iPhone once on this run, and that’s what I wanted. I was able to carry the GoPro in my hand with ease, and it has voice commands, too, which is pretty great. I’ll be messing more with the photo settings, and hopefully video before too long!