Weekly Recap for March 18th

Another week of trying to capture the “likes” and “watch history” from my social channels and put ’em in a place where I can actually see them five months from now.

ListeningThe Unsubscribe Podcast, with great ideas and thoughts on work / wife balance, toxic masculinity, relationships, and so much more. Doing my best to find and share more podcasts that aren’t just two dudes talking.

Watching: ‘5 things to start making electronic music at home‘ by bad snacks, which I thought was pretty neato since I’m still trying to learn music making with my computer.

Thinking: From a protected Twitter account, so no link, but this: “Kind of great when you’re wondering, ‘How would they react to me putting my pronouns in my signature or asking if I can at this government job?’ only to discover you won’t even need to ask because your office manager includes theirs.”