Positivity is a Strategy

I’ve played the victim, and throw some serious pity parties over the last decade, but things changed in 2016 when I started running.

“I really really really think positivity is a strategy.”

Gary Vaynerchuk from his podcast

Gary Vee goes on to illustrate the opposite of this, about “keeping it real.” To me, that’s the doom and gloom. That’s having your eyes glued to the 24/7 click bait news cycle. That’s just not for me anymore.

Stay informed, but don’t stay drowning.

Today I got some good work done. I was in the flow, where time just sort of whizzes by and before you know it two hours have passed.

After that adrenaline high went away, I could feel the stress in my shoulders. Like, stress is REAL, folks.

So I went to the gym. For me, gym is a strategy, as it gets me towards posisitivity. Yes, snacks and a beer are nice, too, but I knew that after this work day I needed to go towards something positive, and tonight that was 40 minutes on the bike (I ran 7.8 miles yesterday, so running wasn’t an option).

Positivity is a strategy. Period.