It’s More Fun to Run Together

Race number one of 2019 done! Finished at 1:43:55 or so. First seven miles felt great, but the last three is the real story. 

Early in the race I was following behind a gentleman in all black. I didn’t know anything else, but he was just trotting along, so I figured I’ll just follow behind him.

I’m running comfortably, and fighting the urge to look at my watch. When I look at my watch a million calculations go through my head. Pace, and speed, and time, and if I run a certain pace for the next two miles, then… yeah, having that information usually throws me for a loop.

So I looked at my watch.

And I was running a nice pace, rather comfortably! We ran up so many hills (800′ in total climbing, about the height of the MET Life building in NYC), and I stayed close behind.

After about mile five, though, I passed him. I stopped hearing his footsteps, and I felt like I was flying! Well, for like a mile or so.

But then at about mile 7 my body was like, nah. I just hadn’t trained enough for this distance, so I understood, and smiled and tried to shuffle along.

Well, that fella caught up to me, with a woman he was pulling along for a few miles. He passed me, but we made it up the final hill together (very hilly course), and all three of us did our best sprint finish together. 

Three random people, different ages and backgrounds and all that, united for one cause for that one hour and 43 minutes. We high fived, ate some chips, and now have an awesome story for life.