How I Freelance

Since I’ve been freelancing since 2011, and haven’t had a “full time” job since 2006, I figured I’d share some of strategies for staying focused while working from home (or anywhere, really).

  1. Get out of your inbox. There’s too many distractions in there. Get the info you need, then close it down and focus on your work. Check back when the task at hand is done.
  2. Track your time. Don’t let all the hours get away from you, driving your hourly rate down. This also lets you gauge how busy your day will be, since you’ll know how much time it usually takes to complete a task.
  3. Parkinson’s Law. If you’ve got all day and night to get something done, it can take that long. Don’t let that happen. Commit to completing tasks in a timely manner so you’re not working around the clock!

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