Holy Heck!

Holy heck, you got this. Today, your next phone meeting, that next customer, you’re gonna fly!

I don’t know, I just need to stand in wonder, wide-eyed amazement of everything I’m gonna do each day. Every problem I’ll solve, every work load I’ll manage – whatever.

I don’t consider it naive, or cheesy. It’s work. It’s work, emotional labor, to think in a way of expecting positive outcomes. An always learning mindset. I’ve tripped up a few times in the past week (lost some money, etc.), but chose to accept it as lesson, and not let it weigh be down as failure.

Like, I could spend $250 on some online course for money stuff, right? Or, when I lose money in an online transaction (oh, eBay), I can LEARN from it. And those are usually the best lessons.

So, HECK YES! That shift in thinking is hard, it’s work, but it’s worth it.