I am always more willing to give something a listen if it comes personally recommended, from someone I follow, or a close friend.

Steve shared a music recommendation to CB3, and this album that came out in August. Charlottas Burning Trio – what a great name and name mark.

I also appreciate this behind the scenes look here. Always a sucker for pink backgrounds and vibes.


This is some good fucking news.

“Today is going to be a joyful moment. For all the pain, for all the criticisms, a joyful moment for the Black women who led a movement to get one of their sisters home. This was a grassroots movement. They had to push to get male athletes, to get us to take it seriously, but they have triumphed.”

CNN political commentator Van Jones


For a minute I thought I’d do one of those “write something everyday in December” things, but then last night I was exhausted and was in bed by 8pm on a Friday night, so that’s out the window. But whatever!

We are not robots.

I asked a friend recently, “how are you being a good manager to yourself?” And for me, that’s been giving myself lots of freedom and flexability in my freelance work. I don’t mean missing deadlines, but more like, if I feel like I need to take a walk, or a bike ride, or leave something for tomorrow, I do it now. Fuck it.

Finishing work is actually never finished. Somehow there’s always more tomorrow, and well, I’m not a machine. I need rest, I need hobbies, I need to not work.

So missing a day in the month of December, 2022 is not the end of the world.


With everything going on with social media lately, it’s been a good time to step back and be mindful of how I spend my time online. I’ve been opening up Twitter on my phone or computer since 2006, so it’s a habit I need to break. In the past week I’ve been digging through more dark ambient and drone music on Bandcamp, and that’s how I got this new mix out.

For the full track listing, head over to the Mixcloud page.

I sort of can’t believe I’ve been making these for two years now, the first one uploaded on May 4th, 2020.


I’ve been working in and around music since 2001, when I started my first music blog, and my listening habits are all over the place.

During the day I mostly listen to Radio Tube – Drum and Bass Jungle on Apple Music.

I’ve been making sleepy time metal mixes called Goodnight, Metal Friend since 2020.

Been running Metal Bandcamp Gift Club since 2016. I think we helped sell at least four albums the other day for someone’s birthday.

Been writing HEAVY METAL EMAIL for over a year, just trying to help metal minded folks get back to sending newsletter so they can reach their fans directly.

I still listen to lots of metal – fuck, I work for Grammy award winning MNRK Heavy and three metal publicists who handle everyone from Alice Cooper to GWAR to Lamb of God to Killswitch Engage.

But it’s been fun to take in all sorts of music. Electronic. Ambient. Chip tune.

Life’s short. Listen to lots of music.


All the cool links we share on social media sites will vanish in a few days, lost in a river of toots and tweets.


I can never quite remember all the lyrics, but I think about them when I’m out for my night time walks.

Town is quiet now
Like it’s holding its breath
Stone marks the spot
You know who you are
They outlined it in chalk
Word to the wise
And the barman calls time

‘Cone of Shame’ by Faith No More

The whole “town is quiet now, like it’s holding its breath” part. The college kids gone for the holiday, while everything else is just paused. Less loud cards, people, commotion.

Like the town is holding its breath, at least until school is back in session.

We’ve had a lot of tragedy in town lately. A shooting, with the killer still at large. A teenager climbed into a dumpster and was killed. Someone brandished a weapon in broad daylight at an intersection right up the road.

That was all in one weekend.

Then to find out that a Kutztown High School alum was one of those killed in the Club Q shooting in Colorado Springs.

Most nights on my walks the town is quiet, but seemingly things are quite chaotic.


Had a good conversation with someone who knows two very talented artists. And those talented artists know other very talented artists.

These artists are skilled, masterful, great.

But to make a living with any of that talent is nearly impossible. Everything is stacked against the artist.

Music is disposable with streaming music services.
Live music is drowning in rising costs and merch cuts.

It seems like there’s 1% of artists who are making it, then everyone else.

For me it’s control what you can control.

It will never get any easier to reach your fans on social media platforms.
Don’t hold your breath waiting for DSPs to pay out more.

Connect directly with your fans via your website and email list.
Create art worth talking about.
Make sure you’ve got something to sell.


We didn’t always used to “do” social media, and I think it’s okay that we step away.

It’s quite the distraction. The fellowship is nice, the LIKES, and the support from others is fine and all, but it’s like a campfire, constantly needing fuel, and time, and direct support.

Collectivley we spend 1000s of hours a day probably, shoveling our lives onto multiple third party platforms. It’s like a duty, a part time job.

We could devote that time to writing, learning a new language, talking on the phone, knitting, or a million other things.

But social media pulls us close, with the allure of our friends. How “evil” can it really be if our friends are there?

If I hung out at a bar that welcomed nazis, sexist jerks, and racist shit bags, I know this – I’d fucking leave.

I’m working on that.


What if instead of LIKING stuff and RTing articles everyday on social media we all just started making Link Dump posts again?