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Making Stuff since 1995

After leaving Noise Creep (a site I co-founded at AOL Music) I wanted to work in audience development / community management. So I figured I’d just make something on my own to show I can actually do it, and Skull Toaster was born. Since 2011 I’ve posted over 2,000 metal trivia questions on Twitter, and sent over 1,000 nightly email newsletters to go with it. I’ll take this niche, passionate audience over “eyeballs” and “unique visitors” any day. Need help growing your audience? Looking for more engagement? Hit me up.

I co-host two podcasts; the Workbench Podcast where I talk about work, productivity, and digital life, and the Metal Minute Podcast for Skull Toaster. I also produce the On the Rag Again Podcast. Need help setting up a podcast? Looking for a producer? Get in touch.

Since I’ve been making things online since 1995, I can update websites pretty easily and affordably. Two sites I update on a regular basis are sites for Atom Splitter PR and Adrenaline PR. I also update the Atom Splitter Twitter and Facebook accounts.

Need some email marketing help? I do template design, editing, management, and reporting for Artists & Fleas (the oldest flea market in Brooklyn, NY). Need to get started with email marketing? Let’s talk.

Contact me via email: