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Things I Did in 2016

2/5. Posted a new First Friday video on Patreon.

2/5. Got the Metal Minute podcast into the iTunes Podcast Directory.

2/1. Shared ‘Things I’ve Learned about Patreon‘ since 2014.

1/31. Somehow said “Law and Order SVU x One Billion” on the Workbench Podcast.

1/31. Co-hosted on the As the Story Grows podcast with Megan from Couch Slut.

1/29. Posted episode #14 of Skull Toaster’s Metal Minute.

1/27. Lucky #13 of Metal Minute went up.

1/25. Appeared on Blerd Radio’s The Constant Conversations Podcast!

1/25. Bill and I spoked about Widgets and Ding Dongs in episode #37 of the Workbench Podcast.

1/22. Episode #12 of the Metal Minute goes live.

1/20. Posted Episode #11 of Skull Toaster’s Metal Minute.

1/17. Talked Standing Desks and Gutters on the Workbench Podcast.

1/14. Episode #10 of the Metal Minute goes up.

1/14. Was interviewed by Bandcamp about #MetalBandcampgiftclub.

1/13. Wrote ‘Making The Most Of Twitter In 2016‘ for Haulix Daily.

1/12. Metal Minute Episode #9 goes live.

1/10. Set up a website for #MetalBandcampgiftclub.

1/10. Spoke of Plain Text, Solar Toast on the Workbench Podcast.

1/7. We put up Episode #8 of the Metal Minute.

1/5. You want Episode #7 of the Metal Minute? You got it!

1/3. Posted the first episode of the Workbench Podcast for 2016!

1/2. The first new First Friday video for 2016!

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