Make Magic

Magic leaves an impression. No, not pulling a rabbit from a hat. I mean the magic of an amazing album. A movie that leaves you in tears. An iced coffee that you compare all other iced coffees to. An experience that takes your breath away – that sort of magic.

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Would You Be Missed?

Seth Godin speaks of this a lot; if you stopped showing up, would people miss you?

[Will you be missed? | The best way to be missed when you're gone]

Godin writes a blog post every single day. If one day he didn’t – if one day he didn’t show up – people would notice.

Each weekday two metal trivia questions get posted to @skulltoaster. An email newsletter gets sent each night, too. If I didn’t show up one day, I know for a fact I’d be missed.

It’s not about being bothersome, jumping up and down on social media and begging for attention – it’s about showing up.

If you stopped showing up – if you stopped sending out that email, or blogging, or whatever it is that you do – if you turned out the lights and disappeared, would anyone care? Would they miss you?

And I mean people, not page views; if you stopped showing up, could you name five people, real names, of people who’d reach out?

This all comes back to “permission” then – if you’d be missed, you’ve been given permission. People, real people, have said, “I enjoy hearing from you. Stay in touch. When you email me something, or send a Tweet, I will pay attention. I am waiting for it.”