Jinxed in Philadelphia Doing it Right

My friend Angie (@AngieHilem) in Philadelphia, PA told me about Jinxed on a recent visit.

Jinxed sells rad furniture and knick knacks at three different locations in the city, and through an Instagram account with 13,000+ followers.

My favorite chairs of the day! Both so so different and so cool! Top left is a bondage worthy dominatrix like chair perfect for chaining up your loved one with the built in rings on the arms of the chair! Black leather cushions and sturdy white base! Top right is a pastel yellow leafy satin arm chair with cushion for days! Black $68, yellow $28, Call to buy! 267-858-HELL

Both chairs sold within hours. Continue reading


Let’s Make it Work

One time a manager of a Platinum-selling artist approached me, as me and my team were readying a video interview. This manager had an issue with my writer who was doing the interview.

“Yea,” he said, “we have an issue.”

Look, I didn’t go to school for this. I learned this shit by booking bands on Tuesday nights, sneaking into venues when I was underage, and making handbills for shows.

The guy in front of me got paid quite a bit more than I did. Continue reading

Know Your People

To amplify your Twitter message, it makes sense to include the Twitter handle that is the subject of your Tweet, like this:

I was asked why I don’t do the same with @skulltoaster.

I could include @kreator and @slayer in a Tweet like that. But you see, “getting the word out” is the norm on Twitter; answering metal trivia is not. Continue reading

On Comments

I’ve been seeing this a lot from folks new to blogging; questions about comments, fighting spam, and comment moderation. This is something I’ve dealt with since 2001.

When I ran Buzzgrinder, we had some blog posts get hundreds of comments. I think we had one or two blog posts that got over 1,000 comments. It was crazy.

By 2006 or so I stopped reading comments on that blog. We still had a vibrant community, but I didn’t spend any time in the comments section. In recent years, with any of my projects, I disabled comments; from my “leave NYC with a bike and a bag” Bike Nerd adventures to my metal trivia gig Skull Toaster. Continue reading