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From Kottke: Many think some people are special but usually those people just put a lot more time in it than others. This applies to sports, arts, almost everything. It’s worth doing something for a long time, even if the benefits are not always clear. Good surprising things come out of it. You also learn […]

Reacting to Reactions

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I’ve never quite got “reaction videos,” but when I break it down, all the music writing I’ve done since 2001 were “reactions.” It’s the same idea, different format. The generation before me had magazines.We had music blogs.Today its video. I can’t really watch someone “reacting” to an album that I love, but did I search […]

I Don’t Want to Be a Rock Star Anymore

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When I was a teenager, I wanted to be a mega star in a rock band. I mean, the B-roll of the members of Guns N’ Roses walking in midtown Manhattan and going to Manny’s Music, all loose and carefree – that’s the life for me! Some of my earliest memories are watching my dad […]

Pennsylvania Breaks 7000 COVID-19 Cases

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On November 12th, seven days ago, I wrote this: It was just 10 days ago when PA reported 2,500 new cases of COVID in a day. Today we broke 4,700. From ‘Lowering the Bar‘ Today, November 19th, Pennsylvania we hit 7,126 cases. I am absolutely stress eating. Taking time away from work when I need it. Going […]

Some Magic for a Thursday Night

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SPELLS + RITUALS by Charming Disaster The vultures that surround me ride the thermals up on high  Yeah ever since you found me I’m afraid that I might die  Blacksnake from SPELLS + RITUALS by Charming Disaster Not sure how I discovered this, but it was an automatic add to my wishlist.

I Read Your Xanga

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“Yeah, I know, I read your Xanga.” That’s what a friend said to me way back in like 2000 or so, when I told him about something going on, but I already blogged about it. Now here we are 20 years later, and I sometimes know what friends eat for breakfast, or what television episode […]

Lowering the Bar

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My heart needed this: If you need to keep losing your shit, lose it. If you need to keep stealing naps from the rest of your day, steal them. If you need to organize your inbox, cut out dairy or alcohol for the week, go on a long-ass walk everyday without listening to a podcast, […]

About Little Things

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What’s striking about Twitter at this moment in time is that you are a minute away from being national news. Literally. You could reply to a movie star, sports figure, or politician and a simple RT could change your life. I mean, somehow we know of a person that calls themselves Dog Face from the […]

Unending Exhaustion

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This has been quite a week. The election was on Tuesday, now five days ago. It was Saturday when it was announced that Biden / Harris were called the winners of this year’s presidential election. Wow, yes. This x 1000. While I’m relieved, today has just been exhausting. No matter the good news, there were […]

COVID-19 cases double in PA

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This seems not good: The Pennsylvania Department of Health reported a one-day record of 4,035 new positive coronavirus cases Saturday, raising the statewide total to 227,985 since the pandemic hit early this year. Penn Live It was just five days ago (November 2nd) when “Pa. reports nearly 4,000 new COVID-19 cases over two days.”

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